Nyendo Arts is Moving!

Jombo Family

They say when one door closes another opens up.  Nyendo Arts are looking for a new home.  For 5 years the creators of Nyendo Arts has served the Ocean Hill Brownsville Bedford Stuyvesant community.  With the current state of economy coupled with the heightened social climate, we feel this urgent need to offer a haven for our youth.  A place where they can learn, explore and strengthen their spirit and mind.  A positive space where they will feel supported and nurtured. The same programs that saved me are no longer around.  I am just one of the children raised from a village that believes that movement is life and I have grown up to feel that it is only right that I pay it forward and share what I have learned to inspire a new movement in my people.  My father and mother spent almost 50 years serving the Brownsville east Flatbush community with their Barber Shop and Beauty Salon. They just closed their doors in August 2016.  In December of 2016, Nyendo Arts will be closing its doors at our present location.  Our current lease will be up and we are actively looking for a new location in the same community.  I have taught Martial Arts for over twenty years, with more than 15 in the NYC after school programs.  With your help,  Nyendo Arts can acquire funds for a new storefront location.  But this campaign is not just about money and resources.  If you have skills, information, time, and energy that you are willing to share, Nyendo Arts would appreciate your help!   If you are willing to donate to transform a life, your donation will not be in vein.  Please visit our newly revamped website and click on the GoFundMe tab.  Any monetary amount you can give is greatly appreciated!  Also, check out the page for our upcoming special events.  Every weekend through the end of December we have something planned!  Come join our village and let’s keep the future bright for our children!