Movement Programs

Resuming Summer 2019



This class will teach students focus and discipline using Ballet technique. Each class will start with a Ballet barre' where students will learn fundamental movements that will then be then explored during center and across the floor work. In the class the teacher will emphasize stretch, alignment, terminology, history, balance, strength and etiquette. 


Tap Dance

Tap class will start off with a basic tap warm-up; the class will then build into learning new steps and tap combinations. This class will train the students' ears and body on how to interpret and execute rhythmic steps while learning intricate tap combinations, terminology and history. 


Hip Hop / Jazz

This class combines traditional jazz dance style movements inspired by Broadway with social street culture and up-to-date trends in the hip hop culture. This class starts off with a warm-up that will prepare the students to learn Jazz/Hip-hop inspired dance moves that will be executed across the floor and in phrase work. In this class the teacher will focus on body isolations, turning, leaping, stretching, terminology and history. Prepare to move, sweat, and discover your own street style!


Modern Dance

Modern dance class encompasses techniques of Jazz, Ballet and various Modern dance techniques while focusing on conveying musicality and emotion through movement. This class will start with a center floor warm-up that includes fundamental techniques such as Horton, Graham and Dunham techniques; the class will then explore various movement components through center and across the floor work. In the class the teacher will emphasize technique, alignment, terminology, history, balance, strength, musicality and expression.



This dynamic class takes the student on a movement journey where one will learn dance styles from the cultures of the various islands in the Caribbean and Countries in Africa. The class will start off with a basic warm-up which will focus on body isolations and rhythmic patterns. The class will then transition into learning the dance steps, history and rhythm of a particular area of the African-Diaspora.