Johnny "Basai" Burrell Jr. (Owner & Chief Martial Arts Instructor) 

 Born in Brooklyn New York, Johnny Burrell Jr. started Martial Arts at the age of twelve and has been studying Martial Arts for close to thirty years. His teachers include two of the founders of the Kuroshi-do system: Soke Haisan Kaleak, his immediate teacher, and Soke S. Papasan Canty.  Mr. Burrell also received training from various Kuroshi - do instructors including: Hanshi Zato Issac, Hanshi Nikwan Murphy, Hanshi Jap Mcculler, Kyoshi Nekosan MCcoy, Kyoshi Katana Alerte, and Master James Jackson. Mr. Burrell also has some training in Brazilian Jujitsu by Professor Lynch, was introduced to concepts of Ninjutsu by Master Khaleeq Lewis, taught Akido by Professor Carl, and Iaido by Hanshi Rico Guy.  As of 2016, Johnny Burrell Jr. has been promoted to the rank of Kyoshi 7th Degree Black belt in the Kuroshi-do system.  

Mr. Burrell appears in the DVD the Martialist by Sifu Cliff, and is seen in, Blood Mix, an independent film by Professor Mo. He has worked as a Sanitation worker for 14 years for the New York City Department of Sanitation and at this time holds the prestigious unselfish position of Shop Steward. He has studied technical management with a focus on marketing at Devry College and studied creative writing at Medgar Evers College in New York City. He has been inducted in the U.S.A Martial Arts Hall of fame in 2005, and the Kuroshi-do Hall of Fame in 2011, as instructor of the year. Kyoshi is also a recipient of the Elite Legion of Honor Award.  He is now proud to be recognized by The Philadelphia Martial Arts Society and inducted into their Hall of Fame for 2018.

Johnny Burrell has taught in after school programs since 1995.  These programs include the Jackie Robinson Center for Physical Culture, The Malcolm X Academy, and the Leadership Academy. These relationships have allowed him the opportunity to become a Department of Education vendor in the City of New York. This opportunity gave him the pleasure of bringing martial arts to schools during the day as well as in afterschool programs. He has taught at his former high school, Paul Robeson for business and technology, Foundations Academy H.S., and Aim Charter High School.  

Kyoshi Johnny Burrell Jr. is the first instructor in Kuroshi-do to open a commercial store front school. In 2012 he founded and started Nyendo Arts LLC, which translates to movement arts. Kyoshi has taken the principle’s learned throughout his martial arts training and created The Principles of Defense (P.O. D’s) workshop series  which focuses on kids bullying workshops, women’s self-defense workshops and Compliance control workshops. He has facilitated these workshops with organizations such as; The girl scouts, various Sororities’ Fraternities and Guttman College in Manhattan New York. These P.O.D.’S capture the fundamentals of the martial arts through drills and awareness. It is through practice, focused on just self-defense that he hopes to negate the ego in martial arts and focus on the use of principles in martial arts. Kyoshi owes his success to teaching and giving back his time to others. He quotes his teacher Soke Haisan in saying, “the only way to truly know you know something, is to teach it”.  It is his hope that through the dichotomy of being a student of the arts as well as a teacher, that he adds to the overall progression of the arts, and not stagnate its movement but enhance it. 


The 3rd Black belt of 7th degree black belt Kyoshi Johnny “Basai” Burrell Jr, in the system of Kuroshi-do, Shodan Lateef “Tokui” Oseni is the Co-Owner of Triomph, fitness, health and wellness.

Lateef believes that the wellness approach is the true path to attaining all goals, no matter what they are. This belief extends to his Martial arts training and philosophy. Lateef believes that the true martial artist must focus on the three pillars(the mind, the body, and the spirit) in order to live in pursuit of the unattainable goal of mastery. Lateef believes that when teaching self defense, it is important that the student walks away with a grasp of the principle and the concept. Whether the student is a life long martial artist, or a first timer on the mat, understanding of the concepts ensures that they walk out of the door with knowledge and action they can retain and use immediately from day one.
He has received instruction in Sanshou kickboxing under Maximillion Chen, Chute Boxe and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Luis Azeredo, and boxing under Andrea Galbiati . He has received boxing training at Gym X Boxing, with his current trainer being Harley Mederos. Lateef has also reached the level of apprentice instructor in Jeet Kune do concepts Progressive fighting systems, and Filipino martial arts under Chris Moran, student of Paul Vunak.

It was under the instruction of Kyoshi Basai that “it all came together” for Lateef as a practitioner. The understanding and application of principles, concepts, movement, flow, and the execution of techniques were the vital aspects he attained from Kyoshi’s training. “It is one thing to develop the mindset to train. It is another thing to develop the mindset to understand. It is the ultimate thing to develop the mindset to dissect, predict and create. That last mindset is what Kyoshi instilled in me.



The Second Black Belt under Kyoshi Basai in the Kuroshio-do system.

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